Karate Kaikan Update

karate kaikanImages of the new Karate Kaikan at the old Tomigusuku Castle grounds were released late last month. The large structure is to be the new headquarters for Karate and Kobudo associations to work together. Plans are to include a a dojo to hold 400 people, a karate and kobudo museum, as well as administration offices.

As with many proposed building developments, the date to break ground has been delayed from the previous speculations. The latest date is November 2014 with a grand opening date of March 2016.

The martial arts in Okinawa has had a positive impact on it’s economy as well as it culture. This building is an exciting development for Japan’s poorest prefecture.

Source: http://www.odks.jp/en/news/2014/03/27/191/



Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkoukai Seminar

Updated September 28th:

Ever wanted to learn Karate from dozens of Okinawa’s best masters? With communication issues, traveling logistics, and limited time, its almost impossible to do it in a week. However, now you can. The Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkoukai has announced this September of a week long seminar series to include a select 26 of Okinawa’s top Karate and Kobudo masters.

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The Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkoukai in an initiative to unite all of Okinawan martial arts. The original karate and kobudo associations formed just after the WWII are a part of this new collective voice. The association has become a powerful one with backing from the Okinawan government. There is even a beautiful new Karate complex that is dedicated to the ODKS being built.  The ODKS currently has about 81 individual member associations that contribute their voice to the future of Okinawa Karate. Among them, there are several vice-presidents positioned below Okinawa’s governor (Chairman) for this assembly’s board of directors. They are Zenpo Shimabukuro Sensei, Teruya Koei Sensei, Minoru Higa Sensei, and Meitetsu Yagi Sensei.

Fro September 9th to the 14th, for the first time ever, mebers of the ODKS have come together to share their knowledge in one place….The Okinawa Prefectural Budokan Naha. Here is the schedule and list of eminent teachers.




Registration Opening Ceremony



Tour in Okinawa

(Budokan Close)



Lecture of History








Demonstrations and

Closing Ceremony

Zenpo Shimabukuro, Cyoko Kyuna, Hitoshi Oyakawa, Tsutomu Uechi

Seito Ishikawa, Morinobu Maeshiro, Minoru Higa, Minoru Nakazato

Yoshitaka Taira, Kiyomasa Maeda

Ryukou Tomoyose, Tsutomu Nakahodo, Takenobu Uehara, Gijo Senaga, Kiyohide Shinjo

Yoshio Hichiya, Morio Higanonna, Koei Teruya, Takashi Okuma. Eiki Kurashita, Meitetsu Yagi, Masaaki Ikemiyagi

Masahiro Nakamoto, Naonobu Ahagon, Seiki Takushi, Seisho Itokazu

This is a true wishlist of Okinawan martial arts masters.

Included with the cost of just 20,000 yen ($200), is a guided tour planned to include the location of the new Karate Kaikan (Hall) as well as Shuri Castle and other Okinawa monuments. As a bonus, there will also be an important lecture regarding the history and philosophy of the 6 ryuha. Given the authority of the ODKS, I can only assume it will enlighten Karate buffs from every style and at an every level. I hope to see you at the welcome party.


The Japanese yen has dropped in value over the past few months so it is now a great time to go to Okinawa. If you are attending this seminar and would like to train at the Meibukan Hombu, please contact me and I can make it work. So book your flights now. Better yet, join us on our trip to Okinawa and Kyoto in September.

Okinawa Traditional Karatedo & Kobudo World Championships 2009

For the first time, the World Karate and Kobudo Tournament in 2009 will host only Okinawan styles of Karate and Kobudo. Like 2003, it is only a kata event and includes seminars from the top masters in Okinawa. Karate ryuha include Shorin Ryu, Goju Ryu and Uechi Ryu. It is rumoured that no Karate kata outside of these Ryuha will be scored. As well, there will be long and short weapons kata competition in Kobudo of authentic Okinawan Ryu Ha. The tournament host, the new unified Okinawa Association of Okinawa Martial Arts – The Okinawa Dento Karatedo Shinkokai, recently announced the list of its official teachers. Of them, Meibukan Hombu Dojo president, Yagi Meitetsu, is listed to represent the All Okinawa Karate-do Association. According to cyberbudo.com, Yagi Meitetsu Sensei is among fourteen 10th dans listed to teach at this prestigeous event.

The Okinawa Governor and President of the ODKS, Hirokazu Nakaima, who is instrumental in getting public funding for the event, officially established its Executive Committee. All the major Okinawan karate associations’ representatives were present and together with the local companies that will support the event. The tournament is being promoted as a commemorative event of the “Shinkokai.”

It is being held at Okinawa Kenritsu Budokan on August 14-16, 2009.