Elite Okinawa Champion and Master Seminars

At the peak of their young careers, Okinawan Jr. Kumite and Kata champions trio Ryuhei, Kohei, and Miiko Yagi are visiting Canada and the USA with their grandfather, YAGI Meitetsu Sensei, this August. Although they travel quite often within Japan for competitions, it will be the first time for Kohei and Miiko to travel outside of Japan. If fact, Kohei and Miiko just returned from Osaka placing second and eighth in the All Japan Jr. Full Contact tournament. Big brother Ryuhei has moved up this year to a new and higher division. Being the youngest and smallest, he is developing into a strong teenager at just 13 years old. Along with Yagi Meitetsu Sensei and grandchildren, Yagi Ippei Sensei of the Meibukan Naminoue Branch. He is the proud father of young Yagi triple threat.

The seminars in Canada are being arranged by Sean Wong of the Meibukan Houkonkai and held in the Ontario cities of Orillia, Markham, and London. A fourth seminar is being hosted by Gregg Brown Sensei of Shogun Martial Arts in Mission, Kansas.  Along with traditional Okinawan Karate, participants of these seminars will learn some of the winning strategies that have made the Yagi grandchildren champions.  Thanks to Gregg Sensei, it is the first time that Master Yagi and the Yagi clan to visit the USA to share their knowledge of Karate, the Okinawan way.  Details can be found on Houkonkai’s website.nami.jpg