The Passing of Shiiki Tadanori Sensei

Photo Courtesy of Brian Langendock

Photo Courtesy of Brian Langendock

On Sunday, July 7th 2013, 10th dan Meibukan Goju-Ryu teacher, Shiiki Tadanori Sensei of Ibaraki, Japan passed away peacefully in his sleep. He  was also soke of his father’s system of budo called Ichi Gi Do. Information on his family can be found here. Shiiki Sensei became a life long student of Dai Sensei Yagi Meitoku when they first met while he was a university student in a Tokyo. The Shiiki family has been a prominent name in the Samurai circle of Kashima. His father’s calligraphy is used for the entrance at Kashima Jingu.

shiki-1-002His passing has affected Meibukan Hombu president YAGI Meitetsu Sensei deeply as he remembers fond memories of him and the relationship he had with Dai Sensei.

“There are many top dignitaries the world of Japanese Budo, but few are as stoic as he is. It is loss not only to Meibukan but the martial arts world. Those who have met him know how different he was.”

He was revered for speaking little and making every act a meaningful one. Meitetsu Sensei calls him a true and great Samurai spirit.


Shiiki Sensei leaves behind his younger brother Shiigi Munenori who is very active in the Kenjitsu and Judo world. Shiiki Sensei’s students have committed themselves to the continuation of Meibukan under the Hombu.

Our hearts go out to the family, friends, and students of Shiiki Sensei. May he rest in peace.


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  1. our deepest condolences to sensei Tadanori…

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