Master Meitetsu Yagi in Spanish Mag.

Master Meitetsu Yagi featured in Spanish Mag.

Established Spanish author and regular magazine contributor, Salvador Herraiz (7th dan) visited Okinawa, Japan last year when he met Meibukan Hombu Dojo president Yagi Meitetsu Sensei. The article is featured in the March edition of Cinturón Negro, one of Budo International’s popular European publications.

Master Yagi reports having a wonderful time during the interview and sincerely enjoyed the company of Mr. Herraiz. Mr. Herraiz’s article reflected the mutual demeanor. The March article intermingles an interview and facts quite well with a few of the author’s opinions. Students of Master Meitetsu will appreciate the factual honesty from a third party point of view while others will discover insight into the private life of this modern master.

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