Okinawa Goju Kai Well Represented

It was all about the Okinawa Goju Kai today. The day started for the association at 8:30 in the morning setting up for their Junior Kata and Kumite Championships. Okinawa has a bright future with almost 100 athletes taking part in the event which was both challenging and enjoyable. Held in the gymnasium of the Okinawa Kokusai Daigaku, On Sunday November 18th, the association of about dozen Goju-Ryu dojos came together from all over Okinawa to challenge themselves. Meibukan was well-represented and did well in the medal count. Details will follow soon in our facebook page.

The day didn’t end there however for the top members of the group. The who’s who of the association were a part of the Hatagashira festival in celebration of Japan’s monarch visiting the island. Emperor Akihito (reportedly) waved as he watched the festival from hotel room. Eisa and Karate were featured in Onoyama Park where a massive parade of citizens gathered to cheer and party his presence. Videos will be available soon on facebook.


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