Can It Be Possible – Another Podium Finish?

Can you believe that athletes from both the Meibukan Hombu Dojo and the Yagi Dojo (Naminoue branch of the Meibukan Hombu) has returned from the All Okinawa Karate-Do Association’s Kumite Championships with an incredible finish? Wow! Included in the podium finish is Mr. Kenichi Takada with a 2nd place finish. Kenichi-san will be one of the guest instructors this February during Meibukan Houkonkai’s annual winter gasshukku. Along with YAGI Ippei Sensei of the Naminoue branch they will be sharing their winning ways. Below lists just some of the winners within Meibukan.

Elementary (1-2nd grade):Miko Yagi 3rd
Elementary (3-4th grade): Kohei Yagi Champion
Elementary(5-6th grade):Ryuhei Yagi Champion
Junior High School Girls: Riko Izena Champion (Naminoue Dojo), Riri Kinjyo 2nd (Hombu Dojo)
Junior High School Boys: Koki Oshiro Champion (Hombu Dojo), Yuki Kinjyo 3rd (Hombu Dojo)
Adult Male: Takahiro Nishihara Champion (Hombu Dojo), Kenichi Takada 2nd (Hombu Dojo)

Congratulations to both dojos on a fine representation.


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