YAGI Family are Champs!

For the second year in the a row, the fourth generation of the YAGI family earns champion status in the kumite matches of Okinawa. On Sunday, May 27th, in a tough and challenging Zen Okinawa Karatedo Sensyuken Taikai (全沖縄空手道選手権大会), 3 grand-children of Meibukan Hombu Dojo president, YAGI Meitetsu Sensei, earned a podium status earning them a spot on the Okinawa team. The good news doesn’t stop there however. Of all of the Okinawan winners going to Osaka, Japan for the national title, 6 members of the team are from YAGI Ippei Sensei’s dojo from Naminoue.

The results of the Naminoue Yagi Dojo are as follows:

幼稚園の部 – 優勝 Kindergaden division
照屋雄大選手 Yudai Teruya: Champion

小学一年生男子の部 – 優勝 First grade boy’s division
儀間陽飛選手 Haruhi Gima: Champion

小学二年生女子の部 – 第位 Second grade girl’s division
八木美心選手 Miiko Yagi: 3rd place

小学三年生男子の部 – 優勝 Third grade boy’s division
照屋翔大選手 Syoudai Teruya: Champion

小学四年生男子の部 -第位 Fourth grade boy’s division
八木虎平選手 Kohei Yagi: 3rd place

小学六年生男子の部 – 第位 Sixth grade boy’s division
八木竜平選手 Ryuhei Yagi: 3rd place

Congratulations to Ryuhei, Kohei, and Miko for a great job and good luck in Osaka.


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