February Update


MeibukanHombu.com would like to congratulate the Yagi family on their achievements at this year’s Okinawa Goju-Kai Kata Tournament. Grandson Ryuhei Yagi achieved first place representing the Naminouie Dojo and Niri Kinjo of the Hombu Dojo also placed first in her respective division. Podium placement was not limited to gold place but also silver from both dojos.


Exciting news has just been circulating that Master YAGI’s visit to Canada will occur tentatively around July 28th. He will tour various cities in Canada and will be accompanied by his son YAGI Ippei Sensei. Ippei Sensei and his family has been featured in magazines lately regarding his family’s winning streak. Ippei Sensei’s coaching abilities in Okinawa is becoming renowned for it winning ways considering that it is such a young club. The seminar series this year is being organized by the Canadian Meibukan Goju-Ryu Association. Please stay tuned for details.


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