Tournament of Traditions

Tradition is of paramount importance in Okinawa Karate. Especially with the family where there is member who was recognized as an Intangible Living Cultural Asset by Japan`s most honorable Emperor. Even before the characters for empty and hand were officially accepted for Kara-te, the YAGI family has been a part of Karate. Now, 4 generations later, the Yagi family continues its destiny to excel in Okinawa`s most famous cultural art – Karate.

Well over 100 athletes competed in the All Okinawa Karate-do Association on August 29th, 2010. As part of the founding member dojo, the Meibukan Hombu is proud to support their efforts. The association has been through some growth this year with the addition of new dojos. Also this year, YAGI Ippei Sensei (son of Meibukan Hombu president, YAGI Meitetsu Sensei) is also experiencing success with the AOKA. YAGI Ippei Sensei is kanchou for Naminoue Branch of Meibukan. Simply named YAGI Dojo, after just a several years, it is slowly earning a reputation of developing strong athletes and karate-ka. Following the tradition of his grandfather (Dai Sensei Yagi Meitoku) and his father, Ippei Sensei continues to support and help with the organization of events hosted by the AOKA.

On August 29th, the Naminoue Dojo supported the AOKA in its island-wide Karate tournament. Representing the YAGI family were Dai Sensei`s great-grandsons, Ryuhei and Kohei. With division sizes as large as 60 athletes, the 6 division event proved to be quite challenging. Even with new dojos and a large pool of competitors however, both Ryuhei and Kohei earned a place on the podium. Ryuhei earned a respectable bronze and little brother Kohei took home the gold for the YAGI clan. would like to offer its congratulations to the Naminoue Dojo on a job well-done and wishing continued success to the YAGI family and its extended Meibukan family.