Countdown to Dai Sensei Tribute!

Yagi Meitetsu Sensei wishes you all a Happy New Year.

The countdown has begun for Meibukan practitioners all over the world to come to Okinawa and celebrate the successes of Dai Sensei Yagi Meitoku. The memorial celebration is scheduled for the weekend of March 22nd, 2009. Without Dai Sensei, there would be no Meibukan.

Our Hombu Kaicho is looking forward to hosting a wonderful event this March and is inviting everyone to come, visit, train, and experience Karate in Okinawa. He recognizes that even during these tough economic times, the Meibukan spirit lives within all of us and with its strength and courage we can endure many things.

Because the event is in homage to one of Okinawa’s most precious cultural contributor to Karate (Dai Sensei, Yagi Meitoku), the event is attracting top traditional budo-ka all over Okinawa and Japan. Meibukan representatives from Australia, India, and Canada will have an opportunity to meet and network amongst each other and other top traditional Karate masters. It promises to be a wonderful experience for the entire family as it includes demonstrations, parties, and training.

There will not be another one as the event coincides with Dai Sensei’s cultural anniversary of his passing. Please try your very best to attend.


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