Feature Association: OMGKA – India

Rajesh Thakkar – Renshi
OMGKA – India
Sir H.N. Hospital Building
97, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
Mumbai – 400004, INDIA

This past July, Sensei Rajesh Thakkar celebrated his 27th year as a teacher of Karate-Do and has been part of the Meibukan Hombu Dojo since 1984. Since that faithful visit, he has been an integral part of Karate in India. With a yudansha of over 200 members, he has the largest Meibukan organization outside of Okinawa. They include 11 yondans and 8 sandans.

His work and time has contributed to the improvement to Karate in India. As an accomplished author, Sensei Thakkar has published titles such as “Dynamic Goju-Ryu Karate-Do for Self-Defense (1982)” and “The Art and Science of Karate-Do (1993)”. These books have already been translated in different dialects of the Indian culture. He is an integral part of the All India Karate Federation (AIKF) as the Honourable Secretary and a member of the national association’s Directing Committee. If he is not teaching, writing, or volunteering his time to the AIKF you will find him coaching athletes of the India Karate Team.

Those who have met Sensei Thakkar will notice a disciplined and spiritual person who is dedicated to his students and the Meibukan ideals. He views Karate as a way to build strong characters and discipline to a nation. His students are his ever burning light of this philosophy. Students within the OMGKA-India are a valuable part of the association. Longtime students such as Jayesh K Somaiya (Hon. Vice-President), Gospi D Capadia (Hon. Secretary), and Bhavesh H. Seth (Hon. Treasurer) all contribute to keeping the torch alive.


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