Hombu Dojo Wins at All Okinawa Karate-do Association Kumite Championships

On his visit to Canada this year, Yagi Meitetsu Sensei expressed the overwhelming talent of this year’s competition at the All Okinawa Karate-Do Association Championships. In the past years, Yagi Sensei had great confidence in the ability to achieve a winning performances from the students of the Hombu Dojo. This typically translated to many medals for the team. This year however, reports indicate that the talent from from competing dojos could strip them of their winning record.

On August 12th, 2007, the Meibukan Hombu Dojo participated in the annual event of the All Okinawa Karate-Do Association Championships. The competition leapfrogs between having a kumite competition one year and kata the next. This year’s playoff was for kumite. Despite earlier concerns, the Hombu Dojo competitors went full out to bring home a Hombu Dojo landslide. Here are the Hombu Dojo results.

Adult Division
– 1st Place – Ippei Yagi (1st son Meitetsu Sensei)
– 2nd Place – Yuki Kakinohana
– 3rd Place – Toshimitsu Shimada

Jr. High School Division
– 1st Place – Shuji Kawakami
– 2nd Place – Yasumi Kawakami

Special Mention should go to Ryuhei Yagi, grandson of Meitetsu Sensei, for coming in the top 8 for the 7 and 8 year old division.

Yagi Meitetsu Sensei is particularly proud of the entire team and he wishes to congratulate all who gave it their best efforts. It is through these efforts that we challenge and elevate ourselves to be better individuals. Stay tuned for next year’s kata competition scheduled in August 2008. It should be a great event with a team from Canada expected to submit a request to participate.


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